“Smart-Sizing” the TS Client

“Smart-Sizing” the TS Client

Since the Windows XP timeframe, the TS Client has had the ability to run in “smart-sized” mode (users of Remote Assistance will be familiar with this mode). Smart-sized mode means that the entire remote desktop is always visible in the client window, with no scrollbars being necessary. In effect, for the same size client window, smart-sizing shows you more graphic data, while a non-smart-sized client window has to use scrollbars and shows much less.

Smart-sized client view of a user’s desktop:

Non-smart-size client view (with scrollbars) of the same desktop:

You cannot enable smart-sizing through the TS Client UI, but you can switch it on using RDP file settings. Add the following line to Default.rdp (or any other custom RDP file that you use):

smart sizing:i:1

The next time you connect, your client view will be smart-sized.

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